i++ vs ++i in a for loop in C

Is there any performance difference between i++ and ++i in a for loop in C? Let’s know! Prerequisites For the examples I used FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE-p2 and its default C compiler (clang) version 8.0.1 Let’s go! Let’s write a simple code for the postfix increment: Compile it: cc -O0 inc.c, and then use objdump(1) to disassemble... » read more

pkg-config and OpenMotif

Hi all! I’m now learning how to develop Unix GUI applications using Motif Widget Toolkit. Later I’ll write a series of posts on this theme. But I noticed that in my OS (I use FreeBSD 12.1) don’t exists the pkg-config .pc file for this toolkit. So I wrote it using xt.pc as an example and... » read more